Daily Dose of Dopamine

DDoD — multiplayer top-down open world post-apocalyptic roguelike game with a unique non-linear quest system where you will never experience the same story. Explore a vast and immersive open world filled with stunning landscapes, dangerous creatures, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

  • Story

    Unique complex set with Co2 absorbing Atmosphere Processor and High-powered Propulsion Engine saved the world from the global warming crysis.

  • Catastrophe

    The attempts to shut off the complex launched the series of catastrophic events. The Mist monsters risen and demolished all the military attempts to subdue the nightmare.

  • Mutants

    Mutants were the next stage of the rising nightmares. Irradiated with the Mist, they occupied the research center. No one left alive.

  • The Mist

    The Mist - is a genuine child of the broken science. The Atmospheric Processor 's remarkable efficiency rendered the intricacies of production inconsequential.


Discover the Mist, Weapons and Mutants



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The Future Entertainment Company Inc.


Entertainment and enterprise sectors.


Founded in 2011 by Vitalii Boiko, The Future Entertainment Company Inc. stands at the crossroads of innovation and real-world application, pioneering super realistic 3D simulations tailored for various enterprise niches. Over the past 12 years, we have expanded from a startup to a growing company, marked by our expertise in interactive applications. Our simulations, enriched by over a decade of experience, blend the principles of professional development courses with an immersive platform for testing knowledge retention through real-life event simulations. A prime example of our technological prowess is the widespread adoption of nDisplay, a foundational product for modern movie-making and virtual production technologies.

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We have ventured into the gaming industry by expanding our horizons with our latest project, DDoD — a multiplayer top-down open-world post-apocalyptic action survival RPG game. This game is a creative spinoff from our desire to build great games, showcasing our ability to innovate and adapt our technological expertise to different entertainment sectors. 

In addition to our foray into gaming, we continue to provide services in processing and procedural refactoring of engineering and architectural data, optimization of architectural design, and creating specialized tools and plugins. These tools are crucial for automating exports, processing textures, and refining material models, ensuring cluster rendering in stereo while maintaining high performance and photorealistic quality. As industry frontrunners, we assist studios globally in adapting to new technological realities and workflows, making our business a one-stop destination for top-tier services in programming, content development, and dedicated development teams.

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181 Bay Street, Suite 3510, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2T3

The Future Entertainment Company